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Conference Experience from a Speaker’s Perspective - Stephanie Dancer

Aug 23, 2019


When we organise events, we aim to create a positive experience for all attendees to not only our delegates but also our clients, exhibitors and speakers. At the beginning of the year, Dr Stephanie Dancer paid a visit to the Events Department at Fitwise HQ to give us an insight to our events from a speaker’s perspective.

Stephanie has worked with Fitwise on several occasions, speaking at a number of the events we manage to include the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Annual Conference, Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) Conference, and the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Annual Infection Prevention Conference.

Dr Dancer is a well-known speaker in the industry who has previously delivered the Ayliffe Lecture on ‘Infection Control in the 21st Century’ at IP2014 in the SECC, Glasgow, and took part in the popular debate at HIS 2018 on ‘Decontamination and Environment: High vs Low Technology’.

Here are a few highlights of her visit:
  • Stephanie expressed how “posters are the lifeblood of a conference” and plays a vital part to our events as it provides everyone with further education, see all the work that is happening across the country, as well as allowing delegates to be involved in the programme.
  • Dr Dancer suggests Fitwise to implement a daily bulletin at conferences to recap all of the highlights from the previous day to help summarise each day’s key points. – Thanks Stephanie, we’ve made note of that!
  • International speakers can benefit from having a “buddy” collecting them from the airport and travel with them to their hotel, providing them with information and company whilst they arrive in a foreign country.
  • A PCO and medical association has to entice speakers as well as delegates to want to return, if a speaker has a bad experience with a certain client or PCO, this will likely result in them turning down invitations to speak in the future.

Thanks Stephanie for taking the time to come along, meet the team, and let us see our events from a different perspective!

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