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Getting to know your Fitwise team

Jun 05, 2019



Faye.pngThis month we caught up with Bookkeeper, Faye Sherlock

Faye joined Fitwise in January 2018. Her bookkeeping skills and experience covers more than 30 years.

She is responsible for Bookkeeping for BAUN & BAA.


What do you like about working at Fitwise?

The inclusion and transparency in the running of the business as well as support network of employee liaison which ensures staff are supported.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

That month-end feeling when the month’s accounts are closed and reports sent to clients. Bookkeeping is a continuous circle. Closing a period end and producing the reports gives me a sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

What are the benefits of working for an employee owned company like Fitwise?

The knowledge that we all have an actual investment in making the business a success which in turn means working alongside colleagues who have the same aim and goals towards meeting the Company’s vision.


Where’s your favourite place in the world?

Belhaven Bay, near Dunbar in East Lothian. With its almost white sands, and quirky bridge on which I’ve seen many people trapped when they miscalculated the speed at which the tide comes in, it could be the med on a sunny day. My family holidayed in a wooden chalet there during my childhood and later when I lived in East Lothian I walked my dogs there. It is my safe haven, my comfort zone, my echo beach.

What’s the best meal you have had?

Curried octopus in Mauritius. Not as fancy as it sounds – we went off tourist route to eat with locals in what can best be described as a lock up garage with plastic furniture, there was a resident mouse running around after the crumbs. It was in the late 1990’s but I still remember how good it was.

Do you have any pets?

I love animals and in the past, I’ve had cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and fish. Currently I share my home with a Calico Cat with lots of Cattitude, her name is Elizabeth, or Lizzie for short. I also feed & provide an outdoor home for a stray cat that I call Daisy May. Apparently, one more and I officially become a Crazy Cat Lady, or so the unspoken rule goes.



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