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Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

Jun 29, 2018

Today is Employee Ownership Day across the UK. As an employee owned company, our staff are individual shareholders in Fitwise, leading to benefits for the team, the company and even the economy. We'll be celebrating with plenty of cake and a wee talk from Neil, our Managing Director.

We asked Catriona (our Sales Account Manager) a few questions about how being employee owned affects Fitwise.


Q1. What is your role at Fitwise?

As account manager in our wee friendly sales team, I assist the sales director in the overall management of the team and also have responsibility for exhibition/sponsorship sales for many of our clients’ events as well as advertising sales in their journals and various other bits and pieces!

I also really enjoy being the employee director and representing staff at board level by bringing forward their ideas for staff benefits, ideas for improved communications and raising any suggestions, positive feedback or concerns they may have.

Q2. How long have you worked for Fitwise?

13 years (with an 8 year gap in the middle - long story!)

Q3. Is this the first employee owned company you’ve worked for?


Q4. How long has the company been employee owned?

4 years

Q5. In a nutshell, what does it mean for a company to be employee owned?

It means we are a more transparent company where all staff, no matter what level, contribute and as such benefit from the success and wealth of the company as it grows.

Q6. What difference did it make to you when the company became employee owned?

I felt more empowered and motivated to contribute to the future success of Fitwise. Due to the EO transparency mindset, it is great to be able to see exactly how your personal hard work is contributing to the overall success of the company and our open door policy with directors makes it a friendly and welcoming place to work.

Q7. What do you think the main benefits of employee ownership are to our team?

More open communication, motivation and positivity.

Q8. What do you think the main benefits of employee ownership are to the company?

It’s a great USP to say that we are 'employee owned' as staff are so invested in the business and take pride in their contribution.

The opportunity for staff to share in the financial success of the business via dividends and bonuses is also a massive benefit.

Q9. If I decide I don’t want to buy shares, do I still experience the benefits of being part of an employee owned company?

Absolutely! You are part of the team and your contribution to the company is no less than the staff who invest in shares


Thanks for your time, Cat! 

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