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7 useful tips for managing a registration desk at a conference

Apr 10, 2018

Do you have an upcoming conference and are wondering how best to set-up your registration desk? At Fitwise Management Ltd, we specialise in managing onsite conferences and have a wealth of experience in planning and managing a conference registration desk. If you are interested in our event management services, please get in touch on 01506 811 077 or email



If you would like to speak to us about your upcoming event and how we can help you, please get in touch with us on 01506 811 077 or email

Here are our 7 useful tips:

  1. To save having long queues at registration it can be worth investing in a badge scanner system or (for lower budget events) pre-printed badges for your delegates, speakers and exhibitors. This will speed up the process.
  2. Make sure that you have lanyards or name badge holders ready so that your delegates can display their badges.  For quick identification it can be worth using different colours of lanyards, or badges to differentiate between different categories of registration.
  3. Think about how you set up your registration, for example you can have separate points for those with different enquiries,  for example; registration, social ticket collection, poster drop-off, speaker liaison, exhibitor queries, new registrations.  This will make sure those who are just looking to pick up their badge aren’t stuck behind those looking to register as a delegate and arrange payment.
  4. This may be the first time any of your delegates have been in the venue so make sure their experience is positive from the start with clear signage.
  5. Similarly this may be the first experience your delegates will have of your company, make sure you have friendly and knowledgeable staff to greet and direct delegates as they enter the venue.
  6. If you have session handouts, have a think about where they are best given to delegates.  You could have them available at the registration, hand them out at the session room door, or do a seat drop in the session room.
  7. Your delegates may have travelled far to the venue, have a think about what else they may need when they arrive and provide directions to cloakroom, nearest toilets and if there are any refreshments available.

Want to see us in action? Watch a short video of us onsite at an event that took place last year in Manchester.

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