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Getting to know your Fitwise Team: Nicola Faulkner

Feb 09, 2018


This week we interviewed Nicola Faulkner, one of our newer employees at Fitwise who joined in January 2018 as an Event Administrator.


What do you like about working at Fitwise?

So I've only been here for 2 days so far but so far it’s definitely the people!  Everyone has a wicked sense of humour and are really friendly and helpful!  Now I just need to remember names!

What’s the favourite part of your job?

Before I started here I worked at a contact centre and there wasn’t a whole lot of autonomy in the job which I had been used to in previous positions.  The autonomy of the role is something I’m looking forward to and I love something with varied tasks! I love working with people and helping people so being able to support the Event Managers is something I will really enjoy!


Where’s your favourite place in the world?

My favourite place in the world is London.  My Dad was born in London and so the majority of my family are down there.  I love going down and feeling at home in such a big, anonymous city.  I also love the pie and mash!

What’s the best meal you have had?

Please see above!! ;-) Although, I go to Slimming World and love Sticky Five Spice Gammon and rice!

 Do you have any pets?

I have a wee 6 year old border collie called Misty, who I rescued from SSPCA in November 2017.  She’s a great little spoon and loves people!  She does have ‘wee man syndrome’ so tries to bully every huskey that walks past her and likes to bury toys and food around the house!

What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

When my Mum had my little brother we had to move house.  I was very upset aged 6 as in the old house I had two bedroom windows!  We moved and when my brother was 2 I took him outside and sent him away in the hope that he wouldn’t come back!  When I returned home I couldn’t understand why people were so upset… as far as I was concerned normality could resume… the whole neighbourhood went out on a search and half an hour later Daniel was returned by the police shouting ‘Mum, it’s The Bill!  I was in The Bill’s car!’ – he doesn’t let me live it down and tells everyone of what a 6 year old psycho I was!


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