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Meet the team at Fitwise and read about our experience in professional conference organising and association management.

To download a copy of the company structure, please click here.

Managing Director



Neil Watt
Managing Director

Phone: 01506 292030

Neil joined Fitwise as Managing Director in January 2014. Originally, an Honours Graduate in Business Studies before starting his business career. He has over 30 years’ experience in both the UK Healthcare and Pharmaceutical markets and during this time has held a number of senior Sales and Marketing Management roles with many of the biggest names in these sectors including Johnson & Johnson, Cow & Gate Nutricia, Quintiles, AstraZeneca and Stryker. Previous roles have included UK General Manager, Group Product Manager, Head of UK Sales and Marketing and Business Development Director.

His vision for Fitwise is to take the business to the next level, ensuring that we change with the times and set the standard for others to follow in both Conference Organisation and Association Management.

  • What do you like doing outside of work? Neil loves spending time with family, particularly his two grandchildren and seeing them grow and flourish. They always brighten his day. Neil is also a bit of a foodie and loves trying new restaurants - he likes red wine too but who doesn’t!. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hill walking, tennis and mountain biking. Travel is also a big passion and he has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East.

  •  What do you like most about working at Fitwise? Our people. Their commitment, can do attitude and sense of fun is a source of inspiration. They are all individuals with specific skills, abilities and personalities that come together to make a great team that is greater than the sum of the parts. Neil also loves our stunning head office set in the West Lothian countryside and the ever changing variety of opportunities and challenges that we face as a business day in day out. It makes life interesting and the time pass quickly.




Paul Harrison
Director of Sales

Phone: 01506 292 036

Joined Fitwise in 2008, with over 20 years’ experience operating within senior sales & marketing roles, predominantly within the healthcare and technology sector. Paul has a thorough understanding of conferences & exhibitions, having commissioned a number of events in his various international marketing roles.

Paul has contributed greatly to the development of additional revenue streams for our clients, by introducing new concepts to their approach to market. Paul is also closely involved in new business development, and is always keen to open discussions with prospective healthcare clients.

Paul spends most of his leisure time hill walking, travelling and acting as an amateur boxing referee between his two young sons!

  • What did you want to be when you were small?  Paul wanted to be a pilot in the navy, obviously he had watched Top Gun and Officer and Gentleman too many times in the 1980’s, besides he wasn’t that keen on flying after all!

  • Favourite place in the world?  Öxarárfoss waterfall in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland



Client Support Services Team


Meet the Team

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_2.pngStacy Martin
Head of Client Support Services

Phone: 01506 292032

Stacy joined Fitwise in November 2002.  Her first experience with Fitwise was travelling to Telford in a white van with two colleagues she had only met at interview.  Fast forward numerous years and Stacy has progressed through the company from Events Assistant through to Head of Events and now Head of Client Support Services.  As the company has expanded over the years Stacy often comments how the company is never the same after a few years and that’s what keeps the role interesting. 

  • Outside of work: Stacy enjoys playing in the local netball team with Gwen, they are friends at work but can be archenemies on the court!


Michelle McDougall
Client Support Services Manager

Phone: 01506 292025

Michelle joined Fitwise in 2013, Michelle provides PA and membership support for some of our association clients and assumes responsibility for the Fitwise Board of Directors, and their day to day requirements. She also supports Stacy Martin in her role as Client Support Services Manager and has the responsibility of general recruitment and HR duties for the Client Support Services team.  Michelle is also one of our Fire Officers and a member of the GDPR Privacy Officers Group.

  • The favourite part of her role is: the variety and feeling a part of so many inter-twining teams, Michelle feels a part of the team with her clients, all those in the Client Support Services Team and the Fitwise Board. 
  • Outside of work: Michelle likes to spend quality time with her family and friends and her friends’ kids – Michelle is everyone’s Auntie Chelle. 
  • What’s her secret you ask? It wouldn’t be a secret if I told ya ????

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_3.pngLynne Duncan
PA to the IPS Board

Email: or
Phone01506 292023

Lynne joined Fitwise in 2005, Lynne assumes responsibility for the Infection Prevention Society Board, and their day to day requirements. This involves organising meetings, travel arrangements, general administration and responding to correspondence on behalf of the IPS Board.

With her many years with Fitwise, Lynne has gained a vast wealth of Fitwise and Client knowledge and enjoys sharing this with new members of the team.

  • Outside of work: Lynne has a very busy dance recital schedule with her daughter and for a bit of me time enjoys running when she can.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_5.pngSharon Mill
Administrative Executive

Phone: 01506 292040 

Sharon gained an HND in Business Studies then was employed by the Civil Service before buying a café with her husband which they sold after 13 years. Sharon then joined Fitwise in 2016. As PA/Client Support Executive Sharon supports the client with the daily requirements of the association and their membership whether it be arranging meetings and travel or processing membership applications. Sharon is always willing to help others when she can and is keen to build good working relationships with colleagues and clients alike. 

  • Favourite part of her role is always being busy and learning to do things she never thought she would be able to do.
  • Outside of work Sharon spends a lot of my time with her family and always makes time to catch up with friends she as had since childhood. Going for walks at the weekend or watching a good movie on a rainy day are also something Sharon enjoys doing to unwind after a busy week.
  • Office talent: usually knowing where everything is in the building and a good multitasker.
  • Favourite Movies: The Bishop’s Wife (1947) and Some Like it Hot (1959). Although Sharon likes watching new movies her favourites are these old black and white ones.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_7.pngCheryl McLeary
PA & Administration Support

Phone: 01506 292 049

In February 2016, Cheryl joined Fitwise and has provided PA support for both UK and European based societies. Before joining Fitwise, Cheryl had previously worked for a charitable organisation for 10 years and also brings with her past experience in the private sector.

Outside of work Cheryl enjoys travelling and visiting her family in Europe. Cheryl has a love for dogs and would happily trade in her loved ones to grow her 4 legged family however her family have protested otherwise.

  • Favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon: Enjoying a nice glass of wine outside in the sunshine
  • If you were a superhero who would you be?: Most definitely, She would be Thors wife…

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_8.pngCarron Burgess
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 292 035

In February 2016, Carron joined Fitwise as an Administration Executive with 20 years of secretarial skills and experience working for a broad spectrum of business sectors. Carron is responsible for the provision of PA and administrative support to the board and tending to their daily association requirements.

Carron loves to travel and is never happier than sitting in foreign climes with a glass of something cold in her hand. She also goes to dance classes with her husband but unfortunately there aren’t many opportunities to practice her foxtrot, waltz or quickstep at local venues!!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_9.pngMichaela Jones
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 639 604

Michaela joined Fitwise in January 2017 as an Administration Executive and is responsible for the membership administration for the British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Michaela recently welcomed a beautiful baby daughter and is currently on maternity leave.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_1.pngKendel Smith
Administration Assistant

Phone: 01506 292 040

Kendel joined Fitwise in April 2019 as an Administration Assistant and is responsible for the membership administration for many clients.  Kendel keeps the Client Support Services team running by managing the day to day office tasks in opening mail, ordering stationery and generally assisting where required. Previous to this, Kendel worked as an administrator in the telecommunications sector.

Before Kendel joined Fitwise, she had just returned from a year of travelling the world and her favourite countries that she visited were New Zealand and Japan.  

  • Favourite thing: Her dog – Cooper the Cockapoo
  • Outside of work: Kendel completed a Beauty Therapy course and is often pampering her friends and family.

May McNeil 

PA & Client Support Executive

Phone: 01506 292 024

May joined the Fitwise team in August 2019 and was delighted to be appointed as PA and Client Support Executive to the British Academy of Audiology. Previously, May gained experience in various roles at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow, where her main duties were membership growth/retention and lead administrator for the College Admission Ceremonies both with the UK and international arena.

  • Outside of work: With two grown up children, a step-daughter and granddaughter life is never dull - just the way she likes it
  • Favourite place: May enjoys nothing better than going for a run (in the car!) and usually ends up at St. Andrews
  • Hobbies: May enjoys playing the piano and is trying to improve her skill from the Les Dawson level of pianoforte (you need to be a certain age!)


Bookkeeping Team


Meet the Team


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_11.pngRobert McGuckin 
Senior Bookkeeping Executive

Phone: 01506 292 027

Bob joined Fitwise in September 2013. He assumes responsibility for the bookkeeping function for Fitwise and several of our association clients.

Always had a liking for figures and calculations, Bob’s always looking for ways to make his life easier – if it helps others too then all the better!  Also doubles as the on-site handyman and minor tech solver within the office, when he’s not stealing treats from the other departments.

  • Outside of work: Bob can be found walking the dog or drinking whisky – usually not at the same time, but it has been known.  He’s also currently working on building a BBQ in the garden (now that the wife has given permission) and threatens to use the Fitwise staff as test subjects.

  • What is your favourite thing?  Leaving the office early on sunny days, and taking 100+ miles and 3+ hours getting home on his motorbike

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_12.pngFaye Sherlock

Phone: 01506 639 605

Faye joined Fitwise in January 2018. Faye's bookkeeping skills and experience covers more than 30 years. She is responsible for Bookkeeping for BAUN & BAA.

Previous bookkeeping work in hotels, construction and vehicle hire has given Faye a wide knowledge of business practice. These industries are particularly monitored in terms of VAT and other taxes and this has given her a great deal of experience dealing with HMRC as well as making her adaptable to learning the multi nuances in VAT across various trades.


  • Outside of work: Faye likes to catch up with friends and family over a latte or a gin & tonic depending on the time of day. She has regular family “cousins nights” which usually start with current affairs and then descend into very loud laughing at old family stories which seem to gather arms & legs every time they’re retold. Always a walker she bagged a few Munros in her youth but prefers a gentle country or coastal stroll these days. On winter weekends she will lose herself in a good book.

  • Favourite book: F.Scott Fitzgeralds - The Great Gatsby, she loves the way it is written in the vernacular of the people and the times and reads it at least once every year “in accent” in her head.


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_13.pngShona Wilson
Credit Controller

Phone: 01506 292 026

Shona joined Fitwise in June 2010. Bringing many years of credit control experience. Shona is the sole credit controller in the team and therefore works across all of Fitwise’s clients and events.  She brings a high level of organisation and efficiency to the role.

  • Outside Work: Shona loves to travel and spend time with family.

  • Office Talent: Shona is the resident office cleaner and makes sure the team keeps the kitchen spotless (that includes you Dario!)



Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_33.pngTracy Harvey
Association Bookkeeper

Phone: 01506 292 042

Tracy has worked in banking the finance industry for many years, she took a career break four years ago to concentrate on gaining an accountancy degree.   Tracy has a continued commitment to personal development and joined the Fitwise team in June 2019.

Tracy is our Scottish Essex girl, outside of the office she a seeker of wonderment; her passion is to travel and explore near and far.   At home you will find this foodie having cook offs with her family (dad) to see whose dish is the best.   Yes her family have score cards, 'Come dine with me style'. 

  • Craziest moment:   Jumping out of a plane (this will never be repeated) 

  • Two favourite mantras:   Never problems only solutions, positivity and kindness are never wasted!


Events Team


Meet the Team

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_14.pngJenny Elliot
Head of Events

Phone: 01506 292 033 

Many significant world events occurred in 2009 – the UK experienced the worst snowfall for almost 20 years, Sully successfully landed flight 1549 on the Hudson River and Jenny began her Fitwise career.  Jenny was the 8th member of the Fitwise team and one of only two event managers.  The department has since more than quadrupled in size culminating in a talented team with combined experience of over 70 years in delivering events.

Jenny is immensely proud of the Fitwise Events team and particularly enjoys the camaraderie the team have in the office and onsite at events - despite the early starts and late finishes which are an inevitable part of the job. Prior to her appointment to Fitwise in 2009, Jenny gained over five years’ experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Her passion for the event industry began whilst studying Hospitality Management at University.

  • How have things changed in this industry since starting at Fitwise?  Hardcopy event registration forms!  Stacy (now head of Fitwise Client Support Services) and Jenny used to spend most of their working day under piles of paperwork that arrived in the post.  They also had to take their PC hard drives onsite to events as the event system was only licenced to their computers and there was no online or cloud-based platform like they now use.

  • What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?  Chicken’s feet – they were less crispy and more cartilage-like than I expected.  Jenny likes most foods (equalled only by Katie in Marketing) and there are very few things she won’t eat.  Jenny’s lunch choices are often met with interest from the team; apple dipped in marmite and mussels as an afternoon snack have attracted much attention in the past.  

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_15.pngPhyllis Tait
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 043

Phyllis organises and manages one of our biggest events, utilising her wealth of industry knowledge and a personal, approachable attitude.

Phyllis joined Fitwise in 2013 having worked predominantly within the healthcare industry for most of her working life. Working within the Medical Division, she assumed responsibility for an annual catalogue of UK, European and International conferences and exhibitions.

Phyllis makes the most of Fitwise’s flexible working and enjoys skipping out of the door at 12pm on a Friday to live in her camper van for the weekend

  • What is the best thing about working at Fitwise?: The esprit de corps and fun we have.  Also Fitwise try to be as flexible as possible to individual’s needs to create a good work/life balance.

  • Who is your favourite author?  There are only 2 books that Phyllis would read twice - ‘House at Riverton’ and ‘The Clockmaker’s Daughter’.  Given that they were both written by Kate Morton I guess that’s the answer!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_16.pngLisa Murdoch
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 034

Lisa joined our growing events team in January 2018 bringing over 15 years' experience within the event management sector.  Lisa has previously worked for several hotel groups, stadia, conference centres and event management companies with her role comprising of organising everything from large conferences to weddings and exhibitions to award ceremonies.

Every event brings its own challenges and rewards, however, Lisa finds nothing more satisfying than seeing an event through from conception to completion whether it takes months or years to plan!

  • How have things changed in this industry since you started working?  Technology undoubtedly has become the driving force pushing customer expectations and has changed everything from how events are planned to how they are executed and managed. At Fitwise we’re always looking for ways in which we can improve the ‘delegate experience’ at our events and with advances and innovations in technology such as conference apps for smart phones, many aspects of the process have been simplified, such as registrations, event schedule, navigation,etc. Anything to make life easier and more convenient is always a winner in Lisa’s book!

  • If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be? Lisa would pick Gordon Ramsay to cook and keep the drinks flowing, Billy Connolly ‘for the banter’ and to provide after dinner entertainment, Keanu Reeves for something nice to look at over the dinner table, and Michelle Obama to bring some seriously good chat – plus she would even out the numbers! (and If Barack wanted to tag along I am sure Lisa could find an extra chair at the dinner table!)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_17.pngLauren Nagle
Senior Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 031

Lauren joined the Fitwise events team in 2016 on completion of her degree in Events Management at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University.  Lauren’s role now sees her planning and running one of our largest annual conferences.

Lauren brings sunshine to the office and believes that wearing an elaborate faux fur or vibrant piece of clothing to the office will encourage morale (which we all agree works!).

  • What is your favourite thing about your career? It is very rewarding to see all the planning and hard work come together to deliver a successful event for both the client and Fitwise.

  • What would you sing at Karaoke night? Oh, it has to be Lauren’s one and only queen – Cher!! (specifically, ‘Walking in Memphis’)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_18.pngElaine Mckeown
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 042

Elaine joined the Fitwise events team in May 2016 and plays an integral role in the pre, onsite and post event management of one-day and larger conferences and exhibitions. Elaine’s attention to detail and approachable ‘can do’ attitude helps ensure she sees an event through to the end knowing it all went to plan.

Elaine knows the way to the team’s heart is through their stomachs and keeps energies topped up with her son’s tasty treats from cooking college.

  • What’s your favourite part of your job?   Elaine loves nothing more than getting to a Friday afternoon with everything scored off her weekly to do list!

  • What is your biggest fear?  Elaine is frightened of anything that remotely resembles a lizard!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_19.pngLiam Holligan
Events Manager

Telephone: 01506 639 608

Liam graduated with BA Honours in Events Management at the University Of The West of Scotland in 2014. Prior to joining Fitwise in July 2017, Liam worked in Events and Communications for an international rail operator organising conferences and networking events across the UK.

Liam’s role sees him managing a number of Fitwise’s conferences and study days as well as helping to organise our larger annual conferences.

Outside of work Liam can often be found at a music venue or festival somewhere in the UK, It is no secret that Liam enjoys his music. He has a tattoo inspired by his favourite band, Florence + the Machine. By the end of 2019 Liam will have seen F+TM a total of 10 times!

  • What do you enjoy working at Fitwise? There are many reasons as to why Liam enjoys working as an Event Manager at Fitwise. However, the travel aspect is a particular part of the role that Liam thoroughly enjoys. Having the opportunity to work onsite at different venues and hotels across the country includes meeting different people on a regular basis which is always interesting.

  • What's your favourite movie? Liam enjoys regular trips to the cinema, on a weekly basis (sometimes two movies in the one day thanks to a membership with his local cinema). Liam’s favourite movie is the 1993 Steven Spielberg classic, Jurassic Park. Liam believes that he could operate a dinosaur filled theme park with less disaster than the likes of John Hammond (Jurassic Park) or Claire Dearing (Jurassic World). Liam is more than happy organising professional healthcare conferences instead!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_20.pngSarah Black
Events Manager

Telephone: 01506 639 612

After completing her honours degree in Events Management, Sarah worked in events with both the hospitality & charity sectors before joining the Fitwise team in early 2018.

 You never need to check the clock-in system to find out if Sarah is in as you can hear her laughing from anywhere in the building!  She has the Fitwise prize for the most infectious laugh in the building. Sarah also brings fun to the office, and adopted the whiteboard behind her desk and transformed it into ‘Sarah’s Mood Board’. Her latest game ‘Fake News or Fact’ has all departments stopping by to make their predictions on the weekly statements!

  • What’s your favourite part of your job? Sarah enjoy getting onsite and seeing all the hard work from behind the scenes come together!

  • Favourite movie quote: “She doesn’t even go here!” – Mean Girls (2004)


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_21.pngJacqueline McCafferty
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 639 601

Prior to joining Fitwise, Jackie worked for HBoS and Edinburgh Napier University where the roles involved organising national sales meetings, client roadshows and one day events.  Jackie joined Fitwise in November 2015 undertaking administration, PA and bookkeeping duties.  In June 2018, Jackie moved from her role as Administration Executive to join the Events team bringing with her a wealth of Fitwise knowledge and prior event planning experience.

  • What do you like about working at Fitwise? Jackie loves the team spirit that we have at Fitwise both in the events team and throughout the business.  She is enjoying the opportunity to work in Events again as a role which she truly enjoys and is passionate about.  Jackie loves to see all of the hard work and effort which is put into event come together.

  • Describe your best meal: Jackie recently went to The Kitchin in Edinburgh and this has to be up there with one of her best meals, the whole dining experience was just amazing!  She must now save up to go back..!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_22.pngNicola Faulkner
Events Team Coordinator

Telephone: 01506 292 042

Before joining the Fitwise events team in January 2018, Nicola spent 7 years working in hotels and visitor attractions being involved in event management, reservation management and revenue.

Nicola's meticulous attention to detail, organisation and time management skills ensure an incomparable level of service is offered to our clients.

  • What do you enjoy about working in the event and association management industry? Nicola has been at Fitwise since the start of 2018 and says it already feels like far longer!  In her job, she gets to assist and support all the Event Managers in preparation for all sorts of different events from study days to huge annual conferences – they keep her on her toes and no two days are the same!  Her tasks can be anything from stuffing badges to sourcing casino packages for fun social evenings!  Her greatest memories at Fitwise so far are road trips with Liam Holligan to and from his events -  which mainly involve hours of singing along to Lady Gaga and 90s pop!

  • Office talent: Nicola volunteers in our Corporate Social Responsibility team which means she also gets to spend her year planning our fundraising and social events along with fellow CSR team members!  The most memorable social event they planned was a ‘car treasure hunt’ which took our teams across West Lothian hunting for clues and carrying out fun tasks such as climbing spider webs and re-creating famous movie scenes in public!

Marketing Team


Meet the Team


Katie Hill
Head of Marketing

Twitter: @KHillFitwise
Phone: 01506 292 037

Katie joined Fitwise in 2010, bringing experience operating within marketing roles and now heads up our marketing team. The team of four are skilled in utalising the marketing mix to generate creative and cost effective strategies to boost membership numbers and maximize event publicity for our healthcare association clients.

Out of work Katie loves travelling, although her adventures with her young family are usually a bit closer to home these days, she spent a year in Japan following university.  We can report, however, that Katie’s chopstick skills are about as advanced as her Japanese (…that is not at all in case you were wondering!). 

What do you like most about working at Fitwise? Katie loves seeing the team's hard work pay off and delegate numbers, abstract submissions and membership numbers rise! 

Office talent:  Katie is the office spider catcher (and releaser into the wild!)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website.pngLaura Graham
Senior Marketing Executive

Phone: 01506 292 038

After graduating with a BA Honours degree in Tourism Management from the University of Stirling, Laura joined us back in 2011 as our summer intern. Following a quick 3 month internship, Laura was offered a position within our Sales and Marketing department, back when the company only had 14 employees (now 32!). Fast forward to present day, Laura is now our Senior Marketing Executive and works closely with many of our key clients to provide comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies to increase delegate attendance, membership subscriptions and social media followers.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with her young family and taking their lively dog on long walks. A Scottish girl, through and through - Laura enjoys exploring the Scottish countryside but would not thank you for a deep fried mars bar.

Office talent: Known for having a folder for everything, Laura can find any email or file with the click of a mouse.

Favourite movie quote: “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.” - Moana (2016)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_4.pngLaura Cassidy
Marketing Executive

Phone: 01506 292051

Presented with the "Curious George" Award in the sixth grade, she might have peaked too soon, but we digress.

She moved on to study in four countries, receiving a Bachelor's in Communication, a Diploma in International Business and a Master's in International Marketing.

As a Marketing Executive at Fitwise Management, she is passionate about cultivating brand brilliance for its clients by successfully implementing fluid marketing strategies and keeping current with industry trends. If you’re not sure which Laura from Marketing she is, listen out for the “hey y’all!” as this one’s from the Deep South!

When did you realise what you wanted to be when you grew up: It was in 10th grade that my teacher had her daughter come in to talk to our class about her job as an advertising executive. Her passion for what she did was inspiring and the creativity and forward thinking the industry had to offer was exciting. As I sat there listening as a young teen, I knew from that day on what I wanted to do. That teacher will never know her daughter inspired me, laying the first brick of my career path that has lead me where I am today, and for that I am forever grateful.

Proudest accomplishment: taking the laundry out of the washer before it mildews.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_3.pngBetty Kwok
Marketing Executive

Telephone: 01506 639 610

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Business and Accounting, Betty joined our marketing team in 2016. Working as our Marketing Executive, Betty is responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans for many of our clients’ annual conferences and one-day events.

Known for her creativity, Betty is our go to design whizz and has a keen eye for detail. Betty has worked on many branding campaigns, flyers, magazine re-designs and projects both internal and external.

A real foodie - if you are ever in need of a snack or treat, Betty is your girl. Just open cupboard number 37 within the marketing office and take your pick of Betty's wide ranging food selections (make sure and replace what you take or risk being banned!).

Favourite thing: Betty's dog, Ellie! Betty can be spotted dashing home at lunch (rain or shine) for walkies with Ellie.

Favourite office gadget: the George Foreman Grill (go red for bread!)

Sales Team


Meet the Team



Paul Harrison
Director of Sales

Phone: 01506 292 036

Joined Fitwise in 2008, with over 20 years’ experience operating within senior sales & marketing roles, predominantly within the healthcare and technology sector. Paul has a thorough understanding of conferences & exhibitions, having commissioned a number of events in his various international marketing roles.

Paul has contributed greatly to the development of additional revenue streams for our clients, by introducing new concepts to their approach to market. Paul is also closely involved in new business development, and is always keen to open discussions with prospective healthcare clients.

Paul spends most of his leisure time hill walking, travelling and acting as an amateur boxing referee between his two young sons!

  • What did you want to be when you were small?  Paul wanted to be a pilot in the navy, obviously he had watched Top Gun and Officer and Gentleman too many times in the 1980’s, besides he wasn’t that keen on flying after all!

  • Favourite place in the world?  Öxarárfoss waterfall in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland



Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_2.pngCatriona Rice
UK Sales Manager

Phone: 01506 292 039

Catriona originally joined Fitwise in 1997 as their first employee when the Fitwise office was merely a room above a garage, and was thrilled after an eight year break to bring up family to have been asked back to a full time position in 2013 and join a company that had increased significantly to over 30 staff (and obviously not still based in a garage!)

As well as being employee rep on the Board of Directors, Catriona assists Paul in the management of the sales team. Other responsibilities also include sales lead for various annual conferences, study days and publications on behalf of our clients.

At the weekends and holidays Catriona can quite often be seen with binoculars in hand for a bit of twitching (bird spotting to you and me) and wild swimming (brrrrrr)


  • What do you enjoy about working in the event and association management industry?  The fast pace, working to deadlines and the challenge of being involved in so many varied medical specialties. Work is certainly never boring!

  • Favourite place in the world? Anywhere wild in Scotland with a beach or mountain!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_29.pngCatherine Wilson
Account Executive

Phone: 01506 292 037

Catherine joined Fitwise in February 2014, her role as an Account Executive for various annual and regional events has helped develop her knowledge across various health associations, looking after and ensuring deadlines are met for BAA Magazine, ACA Newsletter, quoting for website advertising and direct mailings. The sales team work together to provide an efficient service to our clients.

  • What do you enjoy about working in the event and association management industry?   The diversity of it all and meeting new people, every day is a school day.

  •  Favourite place in the world?  I don’t have a favourite place as such just yet, I am still searching  

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_30.pngDario Capaldi
Account Executive

Phone: 01506 292 048

Dario joined the Fitwise sales team in 2016 after completing an Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology at the University of Glasgow. Following over 16 months of world travel, he developed a great love for meeting new people and developing positive relationships; as a result, he opted for a career in sales within the healthcare sector.

Dario’s main role is focussed within the infection control market, where he manages the exhibition sales for all regional and national conferences on behalf of the Infection Prevention Society (IPS). He is also focused on marketing and managing various corporate events that help provide information on the landscape of the NHS to many of the commercial companies he works with regularly. He has recently volunteered to become one of Fitwise’s first-aiders as his second passion, after Infection Control, is saving the lives of his friends and colleagues.

Whenever he manages to spare a moment, you’ll find him either mountain biking in the Scottish Highlands or refining his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills by strangling people near to unconsciousness… in a kind and sporting fashion.

  • Favourite place in the world? Anywhere Paul Harrison is not (or India)