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Meet the team at Fitwise and read about our experience in professional conference organising and association management.

To download a copy of the company structure, please click here.

Managing Director



Neil Watt
Managing Director

Phone: 01506 292030

Neil joined Fitwise as Managing Director in January 2014. Neil has over 30 years’ experience in both the UK Healthcare and Pharmaceutical markets and during this time has held a number of senior Sales and Marketing Management roles with many of the biggest names in these sectors including Johnson & Johnson, Cow & Gate Nutricia, Quintiles, AstraZeneca and Stryker. Previous roles have included UK General Manager, Group Product Manager, Head of UK Sales and Marketing and Business Development Director.

Neil brings with him significant experience of working in the Cardiovascular, Uro/Gynae, Dermatology, GI, Respiratory, Ophthamology and Rheumatology pharmaceutical markets. He also has experience of nutrition, CSO, theatre disposable and medical devices markets.


Client Support Services Team


Meet the Team

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_2.pngStacy Martin
Head of Client Support Services

Phone: 01506 292032


Michelle McDougall
Administration Manager

Phone: 01506 292025

Joined Fitwise in 2013, Michelle provides PA support for some of our association clients and assumes responsibility for the Fitwise Board of Directors, and their day to day requirements. She also supports Lynn Ward in her role as Senior Administration Executive and has the responsibility of general recruitment and HR duties for the Administration team.

Michelle also deals with IPS membership subscriptions and renewals as part of her work as Administration Executive.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_3.pngLynne Duncan
PA to the IPS Board

Email: or
Phone01506 292023

Joined Fitwise in 2005, Lynne assumes responsibility for the Infection Prevention Society Board, and their day to day requirements. This involves organising meetings, travel arrangements, general administration and responding to correspondence on behalf of the IPS Board.


Louise Walker
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 292040

Louise joined Fitwise in 2014 and is the BAUN PA and deals with BAUN membership database entry including processing new members and updating existing member's details. Louise also assists with the IDSc Technical Certificate & Training Material and provides other general administrative duties as required.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_5.pngSharon Mill
Administrative Executive

Phone: 01506 292040 

Sharon is currently covering maternity leave for BAUN PA and deals with BAUN membership database entry including processing new members and updating existing member's details. Sharon also assists with the IDSc Technical Certificate & Training Material and provides other general administrative duties as required. Sharon now processes new and existing HIS Membership.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_6.pngGwen Campbell
Administrative Executive

Phone: 01506 292024

Joining Fitwise as an Administration Executive in March 2015, Gwen assumes responsibility for the British Academy of Audiology Board (BAA), and their day to day requirements.  This involves organising meetings, travel arrangements, general administration and responding to correspondence on behalf of the BAA Board. Gwen also supports the HTS Modules committee to co-ordinate and arrange the HTS Modules exams.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_7.pngCheryl McLeary
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 292 049

In February 2016, Cheryl joined Fitwise as an Administration Executive.  Cheryl is responsible for the membership administration and PA duties for the British Society of Audiology, and their day to day requirements.  Before joining Fitwise, Cheryl had previously worked for a charitable organisation for 10 years and also brings with her past experience in the private sector.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_8.pngCarron Burgess
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 292 035

In February 2016, Carron joined Fitwise as an Administration Executive with 20 years of secretarial skills and experience working for a broad spectrum of business sectors. Carron is responsible for the membership administration and PA duties for the Vascular Society and Circulation Foundation, and their day to day requirements.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_9.pngMichaela Jones
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 639 604

Michaela joined Fitwise in January 2017 as an Administration Executive and is responsible for the membership administration for the British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_1.pngKendel Smith
Administration Executive

Phone: 01506 292 040

Kendel joined Fitwise in April 2019 as an Administration Executive and is responsible for the membership administration for the British Association of Urological Nurses (BAUN).

Bookkeeping Team


Meet the Team

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_10.pngSandra Rees

Phone: 01506 292 028

Joined Fitwise in 2003, Sandra manages the accounts and bookkeeping for Vascular Society, Circulation Foundation, VSGBI Ltd, British Society of Audiology and HIS conference. Sandra has over 30 years’ bookkeeping skills and experience, as well having an extensive knowledge of Fitwise’s business.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_11.pngRobert McGuckin 
Senior Bookkeeping Executive

Phone: 01506 292 027


Robert joined Fitwise in October 2013. He assumes responsibility for the bookkeeping function for Fitwise and several of our association clients.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_12.pngFaye Sherlock

Phone: 01506 639 605

Faye joined Fitwise in January 2018. Faye's bookkeeping skills and experience covers more than 30 years. She is responsible for Bookkeeping for BAUN & BAA.


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_13.pngShona Wilson
Credit Controller

Phone: 01506 292 026

When she joined Fitwise in 2010, Shona assumed responsibility for Fitwise and all association client's credit control. Her role involves sending out regular reminders to ensure payment is received.

Events Team


Meet the Team

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_14.pngJenny Elliot
Head of Events

Phone: 01506 292 033 

Prior to her appointment to Fitwise in 2009, Jenny gained over five years experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors following an honours degree in Hospitality Management.  As the Senior Events Manager Jenny manages some of our larger conferences, events and exhibitions.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_15.pngPhyllis Tait
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 043

Phyllis joined the Fitwise event team in 2013 bringing over 20 years' experience within the healthcare industry. Working predominantly within the Medical Division, she assumed responsibility for an annual catalogue of UK, European and International conferences and exhibitions.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and a personal, approachable attitude, Phyllis will take the event lead for a catalogue of our one day and annual conferences and exhibitions.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_16.pngLisa Murdoch
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 034

Lisa joined our growing events team in January 2018 bringing over 15 years' experience within the event management sector. Lisa has previously worked for several hotel groups, stadia and conference centres with her role comprising of organising large conferences, exhibitions and award ceremonies for the creative industries throughout the UK.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_17.pngLauren Nagle
Senior Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 031

Before joining the Fitwise events team in 2016, Lauren completed her degree in Events Management at Queen Margaret University. Lauren has experience working within the charity sector and has been involved in organising several fundraising events. Lauren’s main roles within Fitwise include the planning and running of one of our largest annual events, as well as assisting team members with their annual events.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_18.pngElaine Mckeown
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 292 042

Elaine joined the Fitwise events team in May 2016 and plays an integral role in the pre, onsite and post event management of one day conferences and exhibitions in addition to working with other members of the team on a collection of larger projects.

Elaine has an excellent understanding of event processes and procedures. With her meticulous attention to detail, approachable, ‘can do’ attitude she has very quickly become an asset to the ever growing events team.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_19.pngLiam Holligan
Events Manager

Telephone: 01506 639 608

Liam graduated with BA Honours in Events Management at the University Of The West of Scotland in 2014. Prior to joining Fitwise in July 2017, Liam worked in Events and Communications for a international rail operator organising conferences and networking events across the UK.

Liam’s role see’s him managing a number of Fitwise’s conferences and study days as well as helping to organise our larger annual conferences.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_20.pngSarah Black
Events Manager

Telephone: 01506 639 612

Sarah graduated from the University of the West of Scotland in 2014 with BA Honours in Events Management. Prior to joining Fitwise in January 2018, Sarah has gained conference and event experience working within hospitality and charity sectors. Sarah’s role within Fitwise is covering one day study days as well as assisting on our larger annual conferences.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_21.pngJacqueline McCafferty
Events Manager

Phone: 01506 639 601

Jackie has 15 years of administrative experience working for HBoS, Edinburgh Napier University and, more recently, working within the 3rd Sector for a small social enterprise. In June 2018, Jackie moved from her role as Admin Executive to join the Events team.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_22.pngNicola Faulkner
Events Team Coordinator

Telephone: 01506 292 042

Before joining the Fitwise events team in January 2018, Nicola spent 7 years working in hotels and visitor attractions being involved in event management, reservation management and revenue.

Nicola's meticulous attention to detail, organisation and time management skills will ensure an incomparable level of service will be offered to our clients.

Marketing Team


Meet the Team


Katie Hill
Head of Marketing

Twitter: @KHillFitwise
Phone: 01506 292 037

Katie joined Fitwise in 2010, bringing experience operating within marketing roles and now heads up our marketing team. The team of four are skilled in utalising the marketing mix to generate creative and cost effective strategies to boost membership numbers and maximize event publicity for our healthcare association clients.

Out of work Katie loves travelling, although her adventures with her young family are usually a bit closer to home these days, she spent a year in Japan following university.  We can report, however, that Katie’s chopstick skills are about as advanced as her Japanese (…that is not at all in case you were wondering!). 

What do you like most about working at Fitwise? Katie loves seeing the team's hard work pay off and delegate numbers, abstract submissions and membership numbers rise! 

Office talent:  Katie is the office spider catcher (and releaser into the wild!)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website.pngLaura Graham
Senior Marketing Executive

Phone: 01506 292 038

After graduating with a BA Honours degree in Tourism Management from the University of Stirling, Laura joined us back in 2011 as our summer intern. Following a quick 3 month internship, Laura was offered a position within our Sales and Marketing department, back when the company only had 14 employees (now 32!). Fast forward to present day, Laura is now our Senior Marketing Executive and works closely with many of our key clients to provide comprehensive marketing campaigns and strategies to increase delegate attendance, membership subscriptions and social media followers.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys spending time with her young family and taking their lively dog on long walks. A Scottish girl, through and through - Laura enjoys exploring the Scottish countryside but would not thank you for a deep fried mars bar.

Office talent: Known for having a folder for everything, Laura can find any email or file with the click of a mouse.

Favourite movie quote: “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.” - Moana (2016)

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_4.pngLaura Cassidy
Marketing Executive

Phone: 01506 292051

Presented with the "Curious George" Award in the sixth grade, she might have peaked too soon, but we digress.

She moved on to study in four countries, receiving a Bachelor's in Communication, a Diploma in International Business and a Master's in International Marketing.

As a Marketing Executive at Fitwise Management, she is passionate about cultivating brand brilliance for its clients by successfully implementing fluid marketing strategies and keeping current with industry trends. If you’re not sure which Laura from Marketing she is, listen out for the “hey y’all!” as this one’s from the Deep South!

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_3.pngBetty Kwok
Marketing Executive

Telephone: 01506 639 610

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Business and Accounting, Betty joined our marketing team in 2016. Working as our Marketing Executive, Betty is responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans for many of our clients’ annual conferences and one-day events.

Known for her creativity, Betty is our go to design whizz and has a keen eye for detail. Betty has worked on many branding campaigns, flyers, magazine re-designs and projects both internal and external.

A real foodie - if you are ever in need of a snack or treat, Betty is your girl. Just open cupboard number 37 within the marketing office and take your pick of Betty's wide ranging food selections (make sure and replace what you take or risk being banned!).

Favourite thing: Betty's dog, Ellie! Betty can be spotted dashing home at lunch (rain or shine) for walkies with Ellie.

Favourite office gadget: the George Foreman Grill (go red for bread!)

Sales Team


Meet the Team


Paul Harrison
Director of Sales

Phone: 01506 292 036

Joined Fitwise in 2008, with over 15 years experience operating within senior sales & marketing roles, predominantly within the technology sector. Paul has a thorough understanding of conferences & exhibitions, having commissioned a number of events in his role as Product Manager for a leading electronics distributor based in Montreal, Canada.

Paul has contributed greatly to the development of additional revenue streams for our clients, by introducing new concepts to their approach to market. Paul is also closely involved in new business development, and is always keen to open discussions with prospective healthcare clients.


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_2.pngCatriona Rice
UK Sales Manager

Phone: 01506 292 039

Catriona originally joined Fitwise in 1997 as their first employee and is thrilled after an eight year break to bring up family to have been asked back to a full time position in 2013. Catriona assists Paul in the development of new and existing business and takes responsibility for ACA, BAUN, Vascular Societies, BSA and various other conferences along with advertising sales in various publications for ACA, Dermatological Nursing Journal, BSA Audacity and BAUN.

Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_29.pngCatherine Wilson
Account Executive

Phone: 01506 292 037

Catherine recently moved from her role as Sales Administrator to Account Executive. Her role includes processing orders for various events and journals, ensuring deadlines are met for ACA, IDSc and BAUN Newsletters, quoting for website advertising and direct mailings, processing expenses and, in general, helping the sales team to provide an efficient service to our clients.


Fitwise_Team_photos_for_website_30.pngDario Capaldi
Account Executive

Phone: 01506 292 048

Joining the Fitwise sales team as an account executive in 2016, Dario's role focuses mainly on infection prevention within the healthcare sector. In a sales capacity, his responsibilities are predominantly focused towards Infection Prevention Society (IPS) one day events, support towards the IPS Annual Conference and advertising sales for the Institute of Decontamination Sciences.